A message from Attorney Maura Curran:

After working with families for years, I’ve discovered that what you really want is to have a caring and competent professional who puts aside the “legalese” and gives you the simple, unvarnished truth.

Did you know many of your friends and neighbors are “in the dark” when it comes to protecting their kids and securing the financial future of their loved ones? It’s sad, but true. And it breaks my heart when I hear the stories of families suffering needlessly, simply because they never developed a relationship with a trusted estate planning lawyer to name guardians for their kids and ensure they kept all the assets they deserved. But YOU do not need to be in the dark!

You see, all legal professionals (and legal documents) are not the same. Between the “discount” outfits to the “documents-in a box” websites, a one size fits all for estate planning likely will not work for your family when they need it most, when you are no longer able to help them. Sadly, just when families need things to go clean and smooth, it does not. I have seen many families having to deal with a long drawn out probate court mess because they did not have the right plan in place. Yet, much of what they thought would help them during times of need ended up not working for their needs, or worse, they failed to plan at all!

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