The Curran Law Firm often uses trust based planning to help clients meet their estate planning objectives.  Trust based planning can provide for efficient estate administration, asset protection, and tax reduction. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may benefit and want to establish a Trust as part of your estate plan.

Perhaps the most common type of trust is the revocable living trust. As the name implies, revocable trusts are fully revocable at the request of the trust maker. Thus, assets transferred (or 'funded') to a revocable trust remain within the control of the trust maker; the trust maker (or trust makers if it is a joint revocable trust) can simply revoke the trust and have the assets returned. Revocable trusts can be excellent vehicles for disability planning, privacy, and probate avoidance.
Contact The Curran Law Firm today to discuss your personal needs and we will discuss with you how you will benefit by having a trust and the type of trust that you should have.